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The news industry is broken. Just 41% of Americans believe the mass media reports the news “fully, accurately and fairly.” Even fewer Americans who are politically involved believe what they see on television, read in the papers or hear on the radio. Newscompare is trying to change that. This one-of-a-kind news platform gives Americans a side-by-side comparison of how major news organizations are framing the biggest stories of the day. And if you want to read more, you simply click on the “left, right or center” to hear what each side is saying about the day’s biggest stories. If you’re someone who appreciates a non-partisan, balanced take on the news, you can sign up for Tangle. That’s our daily newsletter that breaks down the biggest stories of the day by telling you what each side is saying and then offering our own take on their arguments. You can even submit a reader question directly to our team. We answer a question in every newsletter.

"The Sharpest Political Newsletter Out There..."

Keeping up with politics can be challenging. With so much spin and misinformation being published, it's hard to know who to trust. At Newscompare, we've come to appreciate the concise, balanced, political newsletter called "Tangle." It breaks down the important stories of the day into "What the Left is Saying," and "What the Right is Saying," and takes the most thoughtful perspectives from both sides, so you can cut through the tribalism and understand the most compelling ideas across the political spectrum. And it only takes 7 minutes a day to read. Fiercely independent, Tangle will help to inform you each day, without catering to your confirmation bias, or your pre-existing media diet. If you like Newscompare, you'll love Tangle. To subscribe, enter your email address on the right.